Zero To Foursome In One Week

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Dec 8th, 2012
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I recently had a client who had been in a long term sexless relationship. 

During this phase of his relationship he pretty much became a care taker. He was struggling to get noticed by women. All his friends were doing well except him.

As a result of our training he ended up having his first ever same night lay during the workshop. He had another one night stand two days after the workshop and he had a foursome a week after the workshop. Look at the screenshot on the right.

Here is a link for the review he sent me:

In this video I explain how this was hurting his chances and steps I took to overcome this limitation.

What you see here is quite common.

Many men lose their charm to women after they get into a relationship.

Often men take over the role to become a provider, boyfriend and a husband but they forget to be a lover.

This is number one cause for most relationships to end in breakup or cheating.

There are many different forms of connections that can take place between a man and a woman. It ranges from just friends to husband and wife.

But the most powerful and magnetic relationship is the relation of SEXUAL PARTNERS.

If you want to succeed with women you need to learn to create dynamics that establishes sexual attraction for each other.

Once you become “Potential Sexual Partners: you can then give it the shape of a relationship ranging from buddies for casual sex to long term monogamous partners.

Watch One Night Stand DVDs to learn the right way to generate STRONG-UNCONTROLLABLE Sexual desire in a woman for you.

This system has all the information you need to approach women and make one night stands happen.

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